Evident is in the unique position of being able to apply 40+ years of experience delivering and supporting advanced EHR solutions specifically for community hospitals and clinics like yours. It’s an environment where resources are often limited, needs can be great and personal relationships mean everything.

如您所知,社区医疗保健组织每天都面临重大挑战,往往称重高质量的医疗保健经验对简单和成本遏制的需求的重要性。凭借我们的目的 - 建立的EHR解决方案和主动支持方法,我们是数百个组织和数千名从业者选择的合作伙伴,因为他们努力提供优质的护理。

Our team of experts is always looking ahead and collaborating with clients to prepare for what’s to come. Drawing upon our heritage with an eye toward the future, we are constantly evolving our modern and intuitive technology to help dedicated community leaders like you fulfill your mission of quality healthcare, today and tomorrow.

Meet our leaders

Boyd Douglas.

Boyd Douglas.,总裁兼首席执行官

Boyd Douglas.oversees both Evident and parent company CPSI. His focus at Evident is centered on ensuring the company is positioned to continue its leadership role during this transitional time of healthcare delivery. He began his career at CPSI in 1988. Boyd has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of CPSI since 2006, and has also been a member of the Board of Directors since 2002. In addition to this role, he has held several other positions at CPSI including Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer and Director of Programming Services. Boyd graduated from the University of the South with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.


大卫染料,Chairman and Chief Growth Officer

大卫染料directs the growth of both Evident and parent company CPSI, from day-to-day sales activities to long-term growth initiatives. He joined CPSI in 1990 and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2006. David also served as our President and CEO from 1999-2006 and held the position of CFO from 2010-2015. He has served in several other positions including Director of Technical Support and Software Implementation Team Manager. David graduated from the University of the South with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler,Chief Operating Officer and President, TruBridge

克里斯负责监督母公司CPSI的运营,并负责纳入CPSI系列公司,其中包括明显,美国健康,健康和特鲁比里奇。bob官方网页自2000年以来,他一直在CPSI,并在2015年转向了他目前的作用。他还担任Trubridge的总统,他自2013年以来他曾担任过2008 - 2013年的副总裁克里斯。其他以前举行的职位包括业务管理服务部门助理主任和主任。克里斯毕业于奥本大学,营销学士学位。


马特·佛蒙珀,Chief Financial Officer

Matt Chambless对明智的财务增长和行政行动负责。bob官方网页自2012年3月以来,他一直在CPSI,以前担任财务报告总监。在加入CPSI之前,Matt是一家位于亚特兰大,佐治亚州,佐治亚州的800多床医院系统的会计经理,并在Grant Thornton,LLP的亚特兰大办事处审计经理。MATT毕业于佐治亚州南方大学,有一家财务和会计学士学位,并于格鲁吉亚大学获得了他的会计师。他也是一名注册会计师。



斯科特施耐德serves as Executive Vice President at Evident and parent company CPSI and is responsible for strategic positioning, business development and market execution. He has been with CPSI since 1983. Other positions previously held at CPSI included Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Sales Director. Scott graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Robert Cruz

Robert Cruz,首席技术官

Robert is accountable for understanding which leading edge technologies make sense for our market and support our development efforts across our product portfolio. He joined parent company CPSI in 2003 in our technical development area. Robert became Chief Technology Officer of CPSI and our family of companies in 2016. Prior to this, he served as our Vice President of Product Strategy. Previous positions included Director of Product Research & Development and Director of Software Engineering. Robert graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of West Florida.

Tracey Schroeder

Tracey Schroeder,Chief Marketing Officer

Tracey负责CPSI系列公司的品牌和公共关系,并通过我们的日常执行,帮助您对准公司和产品战略。在收购健康兰德后,她于2016年加入了母公司CPSI。自2007年以来,Tracey是社区医疗保健IT空间的领导者,她于2007-2016担任健康局的高级副总裁。在她与健康兰州的时候在她的时间之前,Tracey举办了各种营销领导作用,包括劳动软件营销总监。Tracey毕业于明尼苏达州立大学 - 曼凯托与营销和国际业务学士学位。

Rob Hinckle

Rob Hinckle,Senior Vice President – Client Services

Rob Hinckle oversees customer support for Evident including the coordination and direction of the LikeMind support model. Rob joined the CPSI team in 1995 before transitioning to Evident. During his time at CPSI, he served as Senior Vice President of Software Services since 2013. His additional roles in CPSI’s Software Services Division included Director, Assistant Director and Implementation Team Manager. Rob graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.


特洛伊·罗瑟尔,Senior Vice President – Sales

Troy Rosser负责指导明智的销售努力,包括潜在客户活动和现有客户机会的发展bob官方网页。在他的角色发挥作用之前,特洛伊就担任了销售bob官方网页高级销售高级副总裁,自2012年以来。特洛伊在1989年始于1989年的CPSI,他还担任销售总监兼销售经理副总裁的职位。特洛伊毕业于Auburn大学,并在医疗管理局学士学位。


斯科特Littrell.,Senior Vice President Information Technology Services



Active relationships with key organizations help to better inform our offerings, align with our communities, and remain a good community partner.